3 – 9 November 2013
Sunday- Saturday

100 Blurton Road
London E5 0NH

SEA ArtsFest wraps up with Pasar Malam, a week-long bazaar of art, film, music, food, discussions and parties — Southeast Asian-style. Situated in an artist’s 3-storey house in East London, this open-house welcomes artists and audiences to swing by to sample its fare of fresh and spicy experimental offers.

Download & print our PDF programme here.


SUNDAY | 3rd November 2013
12pm-5pm(or until food runs out) Malaysian Street Food Pop-Up by Wild Serai & 5 Foot Way Food
1.30pm-2.30pm Four films by Abdul Zainidi Film Screening / Talk
2.30pm-4.30pm Resonance Music Project Live Music
4.30pm-6.30pm Pandorasdiary Live Music
7pm-9pm Private View: Ghost Nowhere’  ‘ผี ณ ที่นี้’ (Ghost Now, here) or “ผี ณ ที่นี้” (Phee Na Tee Nee) (8pm: Live Performance by Oat Montien & Suwanna Promtangtraku) Installation / Performance
MONDAY | 4th November 2013
7pm-9pm Connecting Kids, Connecting Faith by Sanchita Islam Film Screening
WEDNESDAY | 6th November 2013
7pm-8pm The Isle of Women and Silat Bawean by Erwin Maisch [Indonesia] Film Screening
8pm-9pm Where I Go by Kavich Neang [Cambodia] Film Screening
THURSDAY | 7th November 2013
7pm-8pm Singapore Art: The studio and their methodologies – Talk by Chloe Ho Talk / Discussion
8pm-9pm Tri Hita Karana by Thomas Buttery
Elephant Valley by Jai Rafferty & Thomas Buttery
Film Screening / Talk
FRIDAY | 8th November 2013
7pm-8pm Screening of Boo Junfeng’s short films Film Screenings
8pm-9pm Screening of X’Ho’s short films Film Screenings
9pm-9.30pm In Conversation: Boo Junfeng & X’Ho Talk / Discussion
SATURDAY | 9th November 2013
12pm-2pm Artists All Around: Session 06 Talk / Discussion
4pm-5pm Talk by Vipash, Senior Curator, TAIL (in conjunction with Ghost Nowhere) Talk / Discussion
9pm-late SEA ArtsFest Closing Party — featuring DJ X’Ho and DJ Eden Cai Party / Live Music


EXHIBITIONS (3-9 November 2013)

In the Name of God, by Amrita Chandradas.
14aPhotographer Amrita Chandradas takes a trip in the backyard of her home Singapore, Little India District. During late January, she follows her relative and his friends on their colorful religious journey to God. She photographs them extensively during the course of the festival, which allows the viewer to come up-close with the devotee through the imagery and recorded noises. More information here.

Ghost Nowhere’  ‘ผี ณ ที่นี้’ (Ghost Now, here) or “ผี ณ ที่นี้” (Phee Na Tee Nee)
‘Ghost Nowhere’ 
is a group exhibition by Thai artists in London. It explores the redefinitions of ghosts and question how the ‘now’ and the ‘here’ or ‘context’ has transformed perceptions towards this superstitious territory. Curated by Supaporn Sootsuwan. More information here.


Two films, Connecting Faith and Connecting Kids, by Sanchita Islam kl towers copy
These thought-provoking films explored what Islam meant to three young Muslims residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and London, UK, and  what it means to be poor and Muslim across four different continents. More information about this screening here.

The Isle of Women by Erwin Maisch
Hundreds of thousands of male inhabitants from the island of Bawean are destined to leave – many of whom end up working in commercial vessels – only to return home to meet psychological implications of divorce. More information here.


Silat Bawean by Erwin Maisch
Silat Bawean or “Pokolan” as it is called by its practitioners originates from the island of Bawean, Indonesia located in the Java Sea, off the coast of Java. More information here.

Tri Hita Karana by Thomas Buttery & Joel Bates
Tri Hita Karana is an ancient Balinese philosophy which stands for Three Steps to Prosperity, it promotes a harmony between human and environment (Palemahan), between human and human (Pawongan), and human and spirituality or God (Parhyangan). The film “Tri Hita Karana” was originally a live-cinema performance told through multi-screen video projection and live music directly influenced from Balinese culture, but for this event has been adapted for a standard cinema screening. More information here.

Where I Go by Neang Kavich Where I Goa
San Pattica is a mixed Cambodian-Cameroonian son whose father came to work in Cambodia in 1992-1993 as a peacekeeper.Pattica has become more interested in knowing about his own identity since he is a victim of discrimination in his daily life.  More information here.

Elephant Valley, by Jai Rafferty and Thomas Buttery
In Mondulkiri province, Cambodia an Elephant sanctuary was set up by Jack Highwood to save elephants working in extreme conditions. This documentary explores how his project has ended up helping both the elephants and the local economy. More information here.